Grade Changes & Incomplete Grades

Grade Change Policy

Grades submitted by teachers at the end of the term are final and are not subject to change on the basis of revision of judgement such as a new exam or additional work completed after the original grade has been submitted.  Grades may only be changed due to the following:

  1.  Correction of error in grading, or entering a grade wrong
  2.  Submitting a final grade for an “I” grade (see Incomplete Grade Policy below)

The Teacher of Record is responsible for requesting a grade change using the grade change process outlined below.  Any correction of a grade must take place within one year of the start date of the course in which the grade was assigned. Ex. Student receives an “I” for English 1 S1 on Dec 1. 2017 so the grade change must be request by Aug 21,2018 – exactly 1 year from the first day of class. Initial reporting of a grade does not require the grade change process; if the grade was not initially recorded then the school must open the grade book to enter the original grade and request a re-roll from DOTs.

Instructions for Changing Grades

  • Grade changes must be approved by the school leader
  • Expired Incomplete grades and F’s must be approved by the Instructional Superintendent
  • For Semester Recovery  Edgenuity courses, please fill out the grade change request form.

To initiate the grade change process click on the blue link below.


  • You must be signed on to your DPS account to fill out the form. Your user ID is the same as your DPS email address, but instead of using .org you will use .net
  • Fill out all required fields
  • Use the Notes section to provide additional pertinent information
  • Upload IS approval as needed
  • Click Submit
  • Congratulations, you’re done

Incomplete Grades Policy

An Incomplete “I” is a temporary grade which may be given at the Teacher of Record’s discretion to a student for the purpose of unit/missed work recovery (Semester Recovery, SR).

The following provisions for Incomplete grades apply:

  • Specific understanding/contract with completion date between student and teacher of record of what is expected to successfully pass a class
  • Before the end of the term, the student and Teacher of Record complete the following form : Application for Incomplete Grade (Please retain this form for your records)
  • The student has one term to demonstrate mastery and earn the credit before the grade turns into an “F”
  • “I”s must be updated within one year of the start date of the course in which the grade was assigned