High School Procedures Guide

The High School Procedures Guide contains information on specific responsibilities that arise in the high schools regarding issues of credit, grades, course requirements, administrative practices, academic programs, and foreign students.

It is to be used to assist in making site-based decisions regarding these issues.

Please click here to view a pdf verison of the 14_15 High School Procedures Guide. *NEW

Please click here to view a pdf verison of the 13_14 High School Procedures Guide.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the information contained here is subject to ongoing review and update editing which could invalidate any printed versions.

If you have any feedback regarding the high school procedures guide, any related supporting materials on this website (e.g. if a link on this page is broken), or if you would like to submit a question to Transcript and Course Code Support please email us at: transcript_support@dpsk12.org