Syllabi Management

Syllabi Update and Management Services Detail

If you would like to submit a question regarding syllabi, please send us an email. As courses are taught over time the core materials, guiding principles, and ideas sometimes change to match new discoveries or updated standards within that subject matter.  The syllabi for those courses need to evolve in parallel.  We will facilitate the process of ensuring that each course offered in our course catalog has a syllabus that accurately reflects the content being taught in that course.

Syllabus Template

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Syllabi Repository

The course code management team is working to improve the syllabi storage, maintenance, and creation process.

Please click here to access the DPS Course Catalog.  From here you can search by name, course number, and other various fields to find courses.  The most current syllabi can be access via a link in the course description.  

*This repository is currently under development, not all course syllabi are available or current.

Syllabi Update Process Please email us to update a current syllabus