Department Introduction

Transcript and Course Code Management Support (TCCMS)  Mission:

We are committed to providing quality solutions, improved student outcomes, and excellent customer service through assisting schools and DPS administration with the management of transcripts and course codes.

We are focused on:

  • Efficient and consistent transcript evaluation for students transferring into DPS schools
  • Effective communication of course code updates and access to high-quality supportive information
  • Ensuring that each course DPS offers has an accompanying syllabus which accurately reflects the material taught
  • Providing current and useful information to schools and district staff to allow them to create better outcomes for DPS students

If you would like to submit a question to Transcript and Course Code Support please reach out to them directly.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide copies (official or unofficial) of students’ transcripts. For current DPS students, contact your school’s office. For students no longer enrolled in DPS, please visit for your online records or call Student Records at 720.423.3552.

 Transcript Support

Our services for transcript support involve assisting district high schools with the processes involved in transcript evaluation and data entry. These services are integral to school staff responsible for transcript processing, counselors, assistant principals, principals, and other administrators. For a more detailed view, click here. Transcript support does not issue transcripts.

Course Code Management

Our services for course code management include facilitating Infinite Campus course code creation and update process. These services are integral to school staff requesting course creation or updates, as well as Content Area Coordinators (CAC’s), Assistant Principals (AP’s), and those involved in syllabi evaluation.  For a more detailed view, click here.

Information Resources

Our services for maintaining information resources include creating user-friendly reference documents that incorporate your feedback. These services are integral for a wide variety of DPS staff members. For a more detailed view, click here.